Will I Owe Taxes if I Sell an Inherited Property?

While an inheritance can represent a windfall, Uncle Sam always wants his cut. We may not like taxes, but it’s wise to consider them whenever you make any kind of a financial move. However, you will not necessarily owe taxes on the sale of your inherited home. Your tax liability will depend upon a number … Continued

Will Anybody Buy My House in {{{city}}} if it Needs Work?

Theoretically, anyone could buy your house, even if it does need major repairs. Sellers are under no particular obligation to return their home to “like new” condition, and buyers do purchase “fixer-uppers.” Even so, some sellers wonder how to sell a house that needs work. You’ve probably seen the (largely unconvincing) real estate ads for … Continued

When You’re Selling a Vacant House, Avoid These Mistakes

Are you thinking of selling a vacant house? There are many considerations when selling an empty house that are different than selling an occupied house. In this article we cover: Why would a house be vacant? What are the dangers of a vacant home? What are the most common mistakes when selling a house that … Continued

What is a Deed in Terms of My Home?

The little word “deed” is a very important word in the world of real estate and can mean the difference in being able to sell your house and not being able to. The sneaky thing about deeds is that it does not become an issue until it becomes an issue … so deed issues are … Continued

What if Your Investment Property isn’t Cash-Flowing?

It might have seemed like a great idea at the time. But, if a neighborhood goes downhill, you’re sinking a load of money into repairs, or you can’t get reliable tenants, selling an investment property that isn’t cash-flowing suddenly becomes very enticing. There are many ways you might have landed in this predicament. Buying an … Continued

What if the HOA Forecloses on My House?

Individuals who own a home that is part of a homeowner’s association face unique challenges if they fall behind on their HOA dues (periodic fees that cover maintaining the community) or special assessments (one-time expense if HOA funds do not cover a major improvement). If this happens to a homeowner, the HOA can foreclose on … Continued

Title and Your Inherited {{{city}}} House

One of the most common reasons why people decide to sell a house through wholesalers such as {{{investor name}}} Home Buyers is because they have inherited said property. Many don’t want to deal with having to fix it and go through the long process of selling it traditionally. Even though selling an inherited house through … Continued

Selling Your House: Important Tax Considerations

One of the most commonly-asked questions for those planning on selling a home involves tax considerations. The sad truth, however, is that there’s no simple answer to this very important question. Most tax implications use many specific details including the profits obtained, location of the property, your age and more. However, four basic areas impact … Continued

Selling Your Home When There Might Be Title Issues

If you are trying to sell a house, it is important to determine if there are any existing issues regarding the title of the house. If there are issues, they must be resolved before the property can be sold. In this article, we discuss how to resolve title issues when selling your house. Possible Title … Continued