The Advantages of Selling Your House During the Off-Season

The fall and winter seasons are considered to be the “off-seasons” for selling a home. Many people are trying to save their money for big changes in the next year. Others want to concentrate on family holidays, and doing something as big as buying or selling a house may get in the way of all … Continued

Should I Sell My House?

Just a quick one today, but hope it helps… {City}’s current real estate market makes many sellers wonder if it is the right time to sell their house. Massachusetts has a hot market right now, but what does that mean for sellers? What does it even mean for the market to be “hot”? Here is … Continued

How Home Investors Can Help You Prevent Foreclosure

One of the best ways to prevent a foreclosure is to sell your house to a home investor. This helps pay off a mortgage fast. Though handling your mortgage this way still means losing the home, your credit isn’t as impacted, and you may even walk away with money to start over again. Reputable home … Continued

Why The Holidays Are Actually The Best Time To Sell Your Home

Among the many myths we always hear in real estate, one of the biggest whoppers is that Christmas is the worst time to sell one’s home. We suppose this misconception comes from the fact that spring and summer are when most folks sell their houses, but we’re here to tell you why the holidays are … Continued

What to Do With Your House in Divorce?

Going through a divorce and need to know what to do with your house in divorce? Below, we provide tips for working together with your former spouse and considering options. According to the Financial Planning Association, going through a divorce is one of the most stressful and emotional legal issues that anybody can go through. … Continued

5 Tip: Avoid Home Investor Scams When Selling An Inherited Property

Thought about selling an inherited property to an investor? Then you’ve probably also wondered how to avoid being taken advantage of. It’s a large, important transaction. And it’s one that many people aren’t very familiar with. Selling your home will have a big impact on your financial future. It’s important to deal with a reputable … Continued