Why I Sold My House Fast: Grieving the Loss of a Childhood Home

I sat down with one of our salesmen this week and asked him to recount a memorable story to me. I asked Matt Bardsley, what types of sellers are the most memorable to you? What types of sellers really made an impact? This is his response…

Any home that is an inherited house. People call and they tell me, my Grandmother died. They left this property to me and I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t have the time or money or reserves to do any work on the house and it needs a ton of work.

If I keep the house under my name, it’s just going to get worse. I have to pay taxes on it and it’s a financial burden on me. Additionally, I’m attached to this house. I grew up in this house.

The Seller Just Wanted to Move Forward

Honestly, I just want this house to be ok. I want someone to have it who can restore it.

So, one day I got a call one day from a guy whose dad recently died. He didn’t know who to trust. A lot of people take advantage of the situation and exploit feelings when a person is grieving. They will take your house and leave you with very little before you know what happened.

This guy had already tried working with someone who had done him over, so he didn’t trust me at all at first. He called, and thought he knew what I would be like and what I would say. There was contempt in his tone when he spoke to me. But honestly, we get a lot of calls like that.

The house was full of things they didn’t know what to do with, but it was also full of memories. While he was attached to it, he knew that getting rid of the house was the best thing to do. He was torn. And he was also angry.

He Only Had One Option

I called him back within 24 hours, and let him know that in my opinion, he only had one option: to sell the house for cash. He could sell it to me, or my competition, but I knew that this was his only option. I expressed that I knew this would be a difficult decision for him, especially considering what he had been through with the other company already. I asked him if he would give me a chance.

He kept repeating over and over…

Be respectful. Whatever happens, please be respectful to my family and me.

I went out and met him at his office, all the way in Massachusetts, I spent an hour with him, looking him in the eye, and trying to understand the problem he had with the other guy. After we were done talking, he was ready to sign a contract.

He decided to go with the deal we offered.

Cleaning out the house was a big deal to him. One of the stipulations was that we give them enough time to clean out the house before we closed. They were pack rats. They hadn’t cleaned the house in years. I helped them find a cleaning crew to clean the trash out. I helped them find a moving crew to help them move the things they wanted to put in storage.”

In the end, they were really happy with everything. We took a lot of time with him, and really supported his family emotionally through the processes. Most wholesale operations don’t provide these types of resources. We understand what it is like when people lose a family member. Many of us have been through this ourselves. We ultimately want what is best for people, not what is best for ourselves. This is the difference we make…

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