How Do I Sell My House In Massachusetts Fast For Cash?

We eliminate the middle men (agents, banks, inspectors, etc.) which puts more cash in your pocket and simplifies things. We can truly make buying your house easy as

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We connect you to a local cash buyer who specializes in your market and will present you with a fair offer for your house.

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Tell us about the house you want to sell by filling in the form below or calling us at (508) 247-0055 We want to learn more about your property before making an offer.

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You set a closing date that works for you and you receive cash for your home!

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How Our Cash Offer is Calculated…

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Repair Cost] – [Selling Costs] – [ROI]

How Our Cash Offer is Calculated With An Actual Example!

  1. After Repair Value (ARV): This is the market value of your home after we buy and renovate it.
cash home buyers in Framingham


need to sell my house fast

ARV = 450,000

Clearly after repairs the house will be worth more, we figure that amount. In this case, the ARV was $450,000

  1. Cost of Repairs: This is basically how much we have to spend to make every part of your house sellable
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In this case, the total repairs equaled $43,529

  1. Our selling cost: This is an estimate of the total cost of selling including commission, excise taxes, property taxes, utilities and insurance

In this case, the total selling cost is $15,598

  1. Return on Investment: This is how we pay our contractors and keep our business running so that we can continue to provide cash offers for sellers!
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           In this case, the ROI is $10,644

[Your Offer] = [AVR] – [Repair Cost] – [Selling Costs] – [ROI]

Your Offer  = 450,000 (ARV) – $43,529 (Cost of Repairs) – $15,598  – (Selling Cost) – 10,644

            Your offer is $380,229!

Want To Know What YOUR Numbers Are?

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sell my house fast in Framingham

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Marcello for an expedited sale of an As-Is home in Holliston. From the onset, his professionalism was notable. Most importantly, his respect for the seller’s timeline and ability to expedite the process was impressive. I can, with much confidence, recommend Marcello if you are looking to sell your As-Is home quickly!”

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