The Advantages of Selling Your House During the Off-Season

The fall and winter seasons are considered to be the “off-seasons” for selling a home. Many people are trying to save their money for big changes in the next year. Others want to concentrate on family holidays, and doing something as big as buying or selling a house may get in the way of all of that. There tends to be fewer people hunting for homes and fewer listings, but neither of these things necessarily have to work against you. Here are the advantages of selling your house during the off-season.

# 1 Lower Inventory Means Fewer Houses Being Sold

There tends to be lower inventory in the cooler seasons, which works to your advantage. If there aren’t as many homes to sell, you don’t have as much competition. This could make it easier to sell your house, since buyers don’t have as many options in the fall. Lower inventory also means you might be able to sell your house at a more favorable price, since buyers have less to choose from.

# 2 Buyers Are Extra Motivated

Since it’s not as popular to buy or sell a home in the fall and winter seasons, people that are looking to buy a home during this time are more motivated. These motivated buyers might have a pressing matter that is pushing them to want to close on a house quickly such as job relocation or some kind of major life change that is forcing them to move. This can work in your favor.

# 3 Less Competition Advertising to Sell

In addition to lower inventory, if there are less people selling that means you have less competition in general. On top of being able to sell your house quickly and being able to sell it for a higher price, it’s just nice to know that you don’t have all these other sellers trying to sell their homes at the same time. Buyers will be less distracted by other options, but they also won’t be getting as many messages from people wanting to sell.

# 4 Cool Weather – Better Buying Experience

Many people hate shopping for homes during the warmer seasons because, let’s face it, walking around in hot weather is just not fun! Especially in Massachusetts, where the weather is often 100+ degrees in the summer. The cool weather can work for you. Take advantage of the milder weather and stage the outside of your home perfectly so the potential buyer can get a good first impression and want to actually explore it instead of just going inside. If your home is selling during a holiday you can decorate and use that as a way to show off the warmness and approachability of your home. There are quite a few advantages to selling during what most real estate professionals consider being the off-season. So if you are willing to have a big distraction from the holidays and think you can handle such a big change at such a time, go ahead and we hope the advantages we listed help you sell your home fast. For more information, check out our post on the advantages and disadvantages of selling your home during the holidays!

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