Why You Should Contact Reputable Home Investors When You Need to Sell Fast

Do you need to sell a house quickly? While many options exist for sellers looking for a quick sale, selling to a home investor includes many benefits.

Keep reading and learn 6 reasons to contact a reputable home investor when you need to sell fast.

1. Challenging Scenarios

Investors are accustomed to dealing with a variety of challenging scenarios.

In fact, investors are often willing to buy houses nobody else will touch. However, you don’t have to have a house that’s in bad condition to work with a home investor.

What kinds of challenging scenarios? One example might be homes which do not have a clean title. Perhaps a contractor worked on your roof and didn’t pay his subcontractors or his materials vendor. Unfortunately those people come after you for the money by putting a lien on your house. We know how to resolve those liens so we can take possession of the house and put cash in your hands without forcing you to deal with the headaches.

Tired Landlords

We also deal with tired landlords a lot. In many cases landlords have already gotten many times the value of the home in rent, so aren’t necessarily concerned with getting top dollar for the home. They just want to get out managing tenants and they’d like to sell their asset. Often these homes are in fine condition, but the landlord has neither the time nor the inclination to deal with multiple showings, nor any desire to pay for one more turnover just to “stage” the home.

In other cases, the home is very pretty but it does need expensive repairs the homeowner just can’t afford to make. A resident-buyer is typically very wary of buying such a home, even with a price reduction. However, investors expect to rehab the home before taking it on to its next step.

Divorce is another big one. Often, the court is forcing the sale of the home and may even put a deadline on the sale. Even if there is no deadline both parties in the case are usually interested in getting every part of the divorce over with as quickly as possible so they can move on with their lives. They appreciate being able to sell the home fast.

These are just a few examples–there are others. If any of these scenarios describes you or your home, you should give contacting a home investor some thought.

2. Multiple Offers

The right investment team can sometimes put multiple offers into your hands.

In some cases, experienced teams who are networked with multiple investors can give you options. This is nice, because many homeowners believe that contacting an investment team will result in a “take it or leave it” type offer. While there are investors like that out there, the more experienced, established, and reputable firms are able to provide you with a bit more flexibility.

3. Cash

Home investors pay in cash.

This is huge. When deals don’t make it all the way to closing it’s normally because something goes wrong with the loan funding at the last minute. This wastes time and can prove exhausting if it happens more than once or twice. A home investor shows up cash in hand and ready to buy.

4. Fair Offers

When you deal with reputable home investors, you get fair offers.

However, you have to be careful. There’s a low barrier to entry in the real-estate investment industry. To earn this benefit, you need to do your homework and check BBB ratings, read reviews, and investigate company websites. Perform the due diligence–almost anyone can slap up a website and put out a few “we buy houses signs” to put themselves into the real estate investment game.

Wondering why we’re a good choice? We’ve closed more than hundred of deals, offer fair value for the homes we buy, and we’re willing to tell you when you’re better off listing your home on an MLS service and working with a realtor to sell the home the traditional way so you can get top dollar.

5. Fast And Headache Free

Working with a home investor can be a fast and headache-free choice.

When you call Marcello Home Buyers, you get a cash offer in hand within 72 hours. This is a no-obligation offer, so you get the opportunity to evaluate whether or not the situation is right for you. If you need to sell the home very fast and appreciate great service, this can be a Godsend. We really love seeing the look of relief when the burden of an unwanted house is lifted from a homeowner’s shoulders–and we love seeing the look of happiness on their face when we can hand them a big check, too.

6. Problem Solving

The right home investors are caring problem-solvers who are here to help you.

We believe in giving back, and the most important thing we have to give is the benefit of our knowledge and expertise. We often tell homeowners that they are welcome to call us for advice even if they don’t sell to us. We’ve often spent 20-30 minutes with homeowners who haven’t made any commitment to us whatsoever, just going over their various options.

That’s because we want to help you solve real property problems. We know houses will come to us, so we won’t resort to high-pressure tactics or scary statements that intimidate you into accepting some sort of low-ball offer. We will tell you why we’ve offered what we did, and what you might expect if you used a different home sale option.

So go ahead. Give us a call to discuss your real estate challenges. We’re here to help!

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