Why Isn’t my Massachusetts House Selling And What Can I Do?

Sell Your House Massachusetts

If you are having a hard time selling your home in Massachusetts, there could be a simple reason why.

Most of the time, homes do not sell quickly due to poor pricing.

Pricing Your Home Effectively for a Quick Sale

Some people price their homes based on what they need, as opposed to the actual value of the house.

I also know people who price their homes above their original purchase price because “they know the house must be worth more!” Unfortunately, the work done to the house is at least partially irrelevant if the market price drops. Adding a pool to the house might have increased the value slightly…but it might not be enough to cover the cost of installing pool and the drop in the market value.

Another pricing issue is pricing too high with the intention of lowering the price later if “no one bites”. Even if it’s been shown that your house will likely sell for around $250,000, you insist on listing it for $275,000 because “you never know, someone could come along who just has to have it.” The problem is it won’t take long for buyers to realize your price is unrealistic and think you are, too; and if it sits too long…people might think there is something wrong with it.

The best solution is to research the value and price it correctly from the start, regardless of your feelings and personal investment in the home. (Sigh.)

Showing Your House for a Quick Sale

We’ve been seeing a lot of articles lately regarding making sure your house looks nice when trying to sell your house fast.

Make sure to clean up both the inside and the outside of the home! First impressions are extremely important. Additionally…make sure the house is easy to see! Either have a lock box for people to use, or require people to make appointments to see the house. People won’t buy what they can’t see.

Conclusion – It Might Not Be Your Fault

Sometimes, people can’t sell their house and its not their fault. It could be the market, the area you live in or the condition of your home.

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