Selling a House Fast: Local Home Buyers vs Out of State Companies

You’ve decided you want to sell your house fast for cash, so you begin your search for buyers, looking for companies that buy houses in any condition.

You find out of state companies as well as local home buyers…

How do you know which company to work with? Is there any reason why you shouldn’t work with an out of state buyer, or why you shouldn’t sell your home to a large hedge fund over a private investor?

To get an answer to those questions, consider the following:

Why Should You Sell a House to a Local Home Buyer?

Familiarity with Local Market

They understand your market and are familiar with your neighborhood so they can give you an accurate, fair offer – they will get you from contract to closing.

A local buyer values improving your neighborhood and ensuring the community benefits because it’s their home too.

Meet Face to Face

They are available to meet with you face to face and build a trusting relationship with you.

They can see your house in person, making a more accurate offer that won’t be changed later in the process.

Continued Care For The House

Whether they flip the home, rent the home, or live in it, local buyers are always nearby to make sure your home is taken care of, even after you have moved on. They will likely ensure better tenants as well, keeping your neighbors happy.

Realistic Offer

A local buyer can give you a realistic offer. If you get an offer that is significantly higher than others from a non-local buyer, it is probably too good to be true and you may not make it to closing. As long as they are knowledgeable about your market, all competitive offers should be similar.

Recommended Local Home Buyers in Massachusetts

Serving as local home buyers in Massachusetts and surrounding areas for more than a decade, Marcello Home Buyers has built a solid reputation as a home investor that homeowners trust.

Our clients appreciate that we buy homes compassionately, while providing outstanding customer service and unbeatable results.

Find out what makes us different from other companies that buy houses.

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