How to Sell a House That Needs Repairs

Well, it looks like it’s almost summertime, and you know what that means: time to get started on any needed repairs on your home. Repairs are especially important if you’re planning on selling your home in the near future.  So, how DO you sell a house that needs repairs?

Start by Getting the House Inspected

If your house is in disrepair, start by getting a home inspection before selling. Of course this will be an added expense, but it’s the first step toward giving buyers a sense of the worth of your home. It also shows buyers that you are motivated and ready to move, which is important in the quick turn-around of the Massachusetts housing market.

Additionally, providing information for buyers regarding the needed repairs and the repairs will ensure that offers you receive are from committed buyers. It will also prevent frustration that they might face if they get their own inspection done without being prepared with an accurate idea of what is needed.

Browsing some of the photos on HAR or the MLS will give you a great idea on how your house compares in the general market. While most of the houses listed will have beautiful photos, often taken by professionals, you will also find several examples of houses that are unsightly

Clean the Clutter and Stage Your House

It won’t take much work to get the house ready initially. Clean the clutter one room at a time. Check out Pinterest for some organization ideas and minor DIY decorating ideas. De-cluttering and creating space will greatly improve the quality of your photos and your showings when people start visiting.

Adding a flower arrangement (real or fake!) or two will help brighten rooms, and make sure to have as much natural light in each room as possible. Never leave the curtains closed – dark and dingy rooms do not look good on camera!

High Quality Photography

Is it important to take professional photos of your house? The answer is, not necessarily…but it sure can help.

Take some time to browse the houses for sale in your neighborhood on or another home listing site. What houses appealed to you? What impression and feelings did you get from small, blurry photos? Did you get a better feeling from the photos that were colorful and depicted a clean space? I know it seems like a big expense, but having photos that depict your home in the most appealing way WILL encourage more people to see your house.

One big difference I’ve seen in professional photos versus photos that homeowners and agents take is that professional photographers can use a wider angle that makes rooms look a little larger. The photos can capture more of the room in one shot, and this can be very impressive, even for smaller spaces. Professional photographers can also do minor edits to help brighten or saturate photos to bring out the best in your home’s natural characteristics.

Do you have questions regarding selling a house that is unsightly or in need of repairs? Contact us now.

Curb Appeal

We have done a few posts in the past regarding a home’s curb appeal and first impressions. In your case, we’re assuming that you’ve managed to keep your front yard in pretty good shape but just to make sure, there are a few details that you should probably take a closer look on. Make sure any obvious eyesores are taken care of such as chipped paint, broken baseboards and door/window screens. The smallest details can catch a potential buyers eye and ruin the home’s first impression.

Paint Job

A fresh paint job, whether you hire someone or do it yourself, will always help boost the look of your home! Even if you think your home looks fine, if you haven’t painted your whole house in over 5 years,you should go ahead and paint it. If your house happens to have bright/bold colored walls, we suggest you paint them with a neutral color, such as white. This allows potential buyers to be able to picture what they would do with the walls of the home and makes the spaces in your home look bigger and brighter.


Your floors are aesthetically one of the most important parts of your house. Once a potential buyer walks in, they will automatically look at the floors as they do a walk through and if they are dirty or in bad shape, it’ll set a bad tone. If your floors aren’t in bad shape and don’t necessarily need to be replaced, you should probably just deep clean them. Over the years they have probably accumulated dirt, grime and stains. Especially if you have carpet, make sure to deep clean them so they make the room look clean and feel fresh.


Invite a friend over that isn’t too familiar with your house and have them do a walk through. Have them pretend to be potential buyers and to be as picky as they can be. There may be minor details about your house that you’re probably used to that could be an eye sore to other people. Make them look for things such as scratches, stains, cracks, etc. Have him or her pay attention to as much detail as they can and to look at every nook and cranny for any minor detail that may bother someone else.

If your home doesn’t need any major repairs, congrats, you are already way ahead of the game! Just make sure to pay attention to all the details we mentioned in this blog post and take care of them and you should be set! We hope this helps you sell your house fast!

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