4 Tips to Sell a House Fast When Out of State – Vacant House Tips

Selling your house can be a trying time, and selling an empty house can be even more challenging.  There is so much involved in the process and it’s difficult if you are not actually present, especially if problems occur.  So, what should you do? While many sellers turn to Marcello Buys Houses for a simple solution, below are our top 4 tips to sell a house fast when you are out of state, or not present in the home.

1. Contact – Have a Point of Contact

If you are selling a vacant house, make sure you have a trusted local point of contact near the property. This person can watch over the house to make sure no one breaks in, and can also help prepare the house and provide access to buyers or real estate agents.

2. Access – Make Sure Buyers Have Access

Leave a key with your trusted point of contact or a real estate agent. They will probably utilize a lock-box to give access to other buys and agents.  You never know when a potential buyer may want to see the house, so access at all times is crucial.

3. Contents – Protect Your Belongings

If the house is vacant and empty, then great! You can skip this step. However, if there are contents still within the house, you have two options.

Make a trip down to arrange and take care of any remaining items. This option is preferable if you want to sort and organize the items in the house.

Hire a move-out company to pack or discard the remaining items. If you haven’t had time to organize the items, a professional organizer can use your direction to pack and sort belongings.

4. Closing – Find Someone to Accommodate Your Situation

Most title companies will allow for a mobile closing. You will need to locate a local notary or request that the title company locate a notary for you that can be present while you sign the documents.

It’s not an easy task to cover these responsibilities and maintain your daily routine in a prompt and efficient manner.  If you are looking for an all-in-one exclusive service package (also known as “turn key”), then call 508-247-0555 today! We will conduct a free evaluation with no obligation of your house, and let you know how we can help. Call us for more information.

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