How to Get Your House Ready to Sell In 30 Days: Let Find Out!

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Putting your house on the market can be daunting, particularly if you’ve never done it before or you’re worried about making sure it sells within a short window. When you see how much work other people put into the sales process, you may also be concerned that you’ll have to dedicate all your time and effort to see that ‘sold’ sign go up. 

How smoothly the sales process goes can depend on how you decide to sell. Below, we’ll cover what’s involved in selling with a realtor and how your experience can be different. 

Make Repairs

One of the most off-putting things for many prospective home purchasers who view your home with the help of a realtor is how many repairs they’ll need to do to make your property feel like home. There might be leaking taps, holes in walls, and peeling paint, which may mean your property takes longer to sell. 

View your home with a critical eye and invest money in repairs that may otherwise end up as conditions of a sale. However, if you’d like to avoid the frustration, time, and costs of making repairs when you need a quick house sale in Massachusetts, there’s always the option of selling to a professional home buyer. 

Invest in Renovations

When you decide to sell your home through a realtor, they often provide recommendations for things you can do to help your property sell quickly. These might be simple renovations like a fresh coat of paint or something extensive like a new kitchen or roof, which can cost a fortune

Renovations can undoubtedly assist with luring potential buyers in for a closer look, but they can be at the detriment of a fast sale. As a result, it’s well worth your time to consider selling to professional buyers who will provide you with a fast cash payment so that you can move on with your life within days. 

Focus On Landscaping

Street appeal can count for a lot when you’re trying to sell your home, as the front yard is the first thing most interested parties see when they arrive at your address. Realtors may recommend weeding the gardens, mowing the lawns, and possibly even spending money on outdoor entertainment areas, new plants, and lighting. 

These changes can make your property look stunning in photos, but they can take up a considerable amount of time and money, which you may be short of if you’re trying to sell your Massachusetts home in a month. Landscaping can be an unnecessary task if you decide to sell to a professional property purchaser in Massachusetts

Sell Privately

If you want to have your home ready to sell in a month, erase every labor-intensive task from your to-do list. Getting your house prepared to sell in 30 days can be as easy as picking up the phone and requesting a cash offer for your as-is home. 

You can submit information about your property online, speak to a home buyer to discuss your options, meet with the buyer, and receive a cash offer. You can even pick your closing date. Selling fast can seem like an impossible undertaking when you see how long it takes to sell through a realtor. While you can proceed with repairs and renovations, you can also avoid all that hard work and sign on the dotted line by looking at non-traditional sales options. Consider requesting more information today.

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