115. How To Buy Tax Liens and Other Distressed Properties in Southborough MA

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Finding ‘out of the box’ investments can be a great way to find success in real estate investing. In our latest post, we explore how to purchase tax liens and other distressed properties in Southborough MA.

What Is A Tax Lien Property In Southborough MA?

When a homeowner isn’t paying their property taxes, a lien is placed against it, barring the property from being resold or refinanced. The period of time before a county issues a lien varies across the country. Once it is issued, it is auctioned off as a tax-lien certificate to the highest bidder. This bidder is then entitled to collect the back taxes as well as interest and fees from the current owner. If the owner isn’t able to pay, the owner of the tax lien certificate can foreclose on the property owner, thus taking ownership themselves.

Either way, the buyer of the tax lien certificate will make some money, it just takes time and patience. They could walk away with the back taxes plus applicable interest or the Southborough house itself!

Before You Buy An MA Distressed Property

Have some cash set aside in case you do end up taking over the home. Chances are, you will want to make some changes, repairs or have it professionally cleaned.

Before You Buy A Southborough MA Distressed Property

Learn about the process in detail, and make sure any liens you are interested in buying, were filed properly. Research previous sales and buyers to get an idea of what you will be dealing with.

How To Buy A Tax Liens And Other Southborough Ditressed Properties

How To Buy A Tax Liens And Other Southborough Ditressed PropertiesGo to your county’s website to find out when the next auction will be. Auctions are held differently from county to county. Learn about the bidding process in the county you wish to buy. Take a look at when the sale will be and what’s available. Research past sales to learn about previous opening bids and sale prices. Remember to not overbid. The homeowner only has to pay you the back taxes plus interest, not any additional funds you paid for the lien. Interest can vary at anywhere from 5-36% of what is owed. Run the numbers to make sure you don’t get stuck buying an overpriced property tax lien.

Know What You Are Getting Into In Southborough Massachusetts

Know What You Are Getting Into In Southborough MassachusettsResearch the property and financial records. Make sure the property isn’t worthless and that the lien was correctly filed. Homeowners aren’t going to be thrilled about being foreclosed on, so don’t expect the property to be move-in ready if you end up taking it over. You can expect the place to be messy, appliances removed, and perhaps even some damage to the house.

Forclosing on the house can be a long and difficult process. You will likely need the help of a lawyer and a good amount of patience. It is good to partner with a professional, at least for your first few deals!

Sell My House In Southborough MA

The procedures when you sell your house in Southborough MA is the same in purchasing a property in Massachusetts. But buying Southborough MA tax-lien properties can be risky. So before you purchase, do your homework. Talk to other investors and local Southborough MA home buyers, your accountant, attorney and trusted real estate professionals!

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